The Healing Monsters Vol. 1 is here!

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Finally, it is here. This volume contains stories and poetry by Larissa Glasser, Andrew Bonazelli, John Edward Lawson, Mathias Jansson, Dutch Pearce, Brian Serven, Jessica Pimentel, Dustin LaValley, Jesse Bullington, Sean Frasier, Tim Deal, Stephanie M. Wytovich, JR Hayes, John Palisano, John Boden, and Shawn Macomber, with introductions by LaValley himself and John Skipp.

100% of the proceeds from this, and Volume 2 (Sept 15, 2016) will be split evenly between Dustin LaValley and the family of Katherine Ludwig. In purchasing this volume, you not only get the satisfaction of helping lighten the financial load of people who have suffered, suffer still, and have given much in terms of their work within these genres, but you will also get a boatload of excellent stories and poems with which to while away your evenings.

You can get your copy at CreateSpace or Amazon for $7.99

The Healing Monsters


Yeah, this is actually still happening. A lot has occurred since the start of this charitable project, not the least of which has been the passing of one of the beneficiaries of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and the diagnosis of a Hodgkin Lymphoma for one of the editor’s husband (that would be me…my husband, Anthony Everitt of the death-doom band, Taphos Nomos, and designer of these books). Among a number of other setbacks, it’s been wrought with grief and irony. That said, we’re still moving forward. As you can see, the single volume was to be ridiculously huge, so we’ve decided to split it into two volumes, each coming out on the respective medical issue’s awareness day (though the profits of both volumes combined will be split evenly). We look forward to getting these out there and into the hands of readers and rockers, and we hope it will be of some help to Dustin LaValley (whose patience with this in the face of unimaginable adversary has been deeply appreciated–buy his damn books) and the family of Katherine Ludwig. At the very least, these two volumes will stand as a testament to a bunch of people getting together and showing that they care, however late the release and however fucked up the schedule.

Despumation #2…Finally.


Despumation #2, Full Spread

It took way too long for this second issue to come out. Some of these stories I accepted over two years ago, and to those authors (and all of them, really), I apologize profusely. There has been so much upheaval and so many challenges over the last few years, getting both issues out has been a minor miracle. And I’ve learned a lot, or I certainly hope I have.

There will have to be more changes in terms of how I accept submissions, possibly the format, a number of things, if I want to keep putting out 1) a quality product, and 2) an issue more than once every two fucking years.

Whatever the case, here is Despumation #2, with a cover by Philip Rogers, and stories, poems, and non-fiction by Allen Griffin, Christopher Ropes, Sean Frasier, Elle Nash, Mathias Jansson, Corey Beasom, Dutch Pearce, Vince Darkangelo, Bryan Nickelberry, Freedom Chevalier, John Boden, Shawn Macomber, Stephen Jansen, Lewis Dimmick, and Ulrike Serowy, story prompts by Scott Koerber, and interior artwork by Anthony Everitt.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to work with these very talented, very kind people.

It is currently up at Createspace, for the least amount of money we had the option to set ($5.25), and will be available elsewhere in about five days, which I will post the links for when that happens.


The Healing Monsters Cover Reveal!

TheHealingMonstersCoverAnd here it is, folks. We’d like to thank Sean Frasier for all of his time, effort, and energy in creating this cover for us. It rules, he rules. This all just rules.

We’ve been busy-busy putting The Healing Monsters together, and by “monster,” I really mean monster. We’re looking at thirty-one authors, and over thirty-one stories and poems–as it stands, we’re looking at at least 450 pages. Should it have been this huge? Probably not. But here’s a fact: too many people wanted to be part of this in order to help out Dustin and Katherine. And when something like that happens, you just don’t cut stuff out for the sake of brevity. Screw that. So, when this puppy goes up sale, and you drop your hard-earned cash for it, you’ll be doing two things: 1) You’ll be contributing to helping out Dustin LaValley with his healthcare costs and Katherine Ludwig’s family in support of her son, Max, and 2) You will definitely be getting your money’s worth. You’ll be getting righteous stories by the horror authors you know, discover some you don’t, and you’ll get a literary taste of some of your favorite metal folks’ writerly pursuits. Let’s just take a look back on that Table of Contents:

Dustin LaValley (Human WreckageDespumation 1)

Katherine Ludwig (Metal Maniacs)

Mike IX Williams (Corrections House, EYEHATEGOD)

Adam Cesare (The First One You Expect)

Sean Frasier (Hipster Massacre, Decibel)

Brian Serven (Backstabbers Inc)

Mathias Jansson (Despumation 1 & 2)

Jesse Bullington (Brothers Grossbart, Despumation 1)

Dean Swinford (The Inverted Katabasis, Despumation 1)

JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer)

James Newman (Ugly As Sin)

Shawn Macomber (Fangoria, Decibel, etc.)

Stephanie M. Wytovich (HYSTERIA, Mourning Jewelry)

Tim Deal (Shroud Publishing)

Shane Mehling (Decibel)

Marc Ciccarone (Blood Bound Books)

Ryan McKenney (Trap Them)

Matthew Widener (Cretin)

Kriscinda Lee Everitt (Despumation Press)

John Boden (Dominoes, Shock Totem)

John Edward Lawson (Tempting Disaster, Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Andrew Bonazelli (Decibel)

Jeremy Wagner (The Armageddon Chord, Broken Hope)

Karyn Crisis (Gospel of the Witches)

Dutch Pearce (Decibel)

Billups Allen (Razorcake)

K. Allen Wood (Shock Totem)

John Palisano (Nerves)

Jessica Pimentel (Alekhine’s Gun, Orange is the New Black)

Lewis Dimmick (This Music)

Larissa Glasser (Hekseri)

We’d like to thank Decibel and Fangoria for helping us roll out this cover reveal–much, much appreciated. \m/

Despumation V:2/#1 TOC and Cover Reveal!

Despumation2CoverPreviewThe wheels at Despumation Press turn awfully slow. This is true. But they never stop turning. We’re finally gearing up to release our second issue. We’re proud to be featuring on our cover this fine, fine artwork by Philip R. Rogers, and within our pages the fine, fine writing of:

Allen Griffin

Christopher Ropes

Elle Nash

Shawn Macomber

Corey Beasom

Bryan Nickelberry

Sean Frasier

Freedom Chevalier

Stephen Jansen

John Boden

Dutch Pearce

Vince Darcangelo

Ulrike Serowy

Lewis Dimmick

Mathias Jansson

Katherine Ludwig


We here at Despumation Press are deeply sadden to hear and relate that Katherine Ludwig passed away this afternoon. It was announced via her Facebook page:

Dear Friends of Katherine, we want to share that K passed today a little after 1pm at Cayuga Medical Center. She passed very quickly and peacefully, surrounded by family and friends. She would want you all to know how very much she valued your love, friendship and support.

As you know, we’ve been working on The Healing Monsters benefit anthology that would jointly assist both Katherine and Dustin LaValley with their respective medical bills. That will continue to go forward. We’re grateful to add that, in the last couple of weeks, Katherine was able to contribute a piece titled Raised to Be a Good Boy–we’re honored to be able to put that out for you all to enjoy.

Personally, as metal-related editors, we salute Katherine as a true pioneer and comrade. Speaking for myself specifically, as a woman, she paved the way for me and I’m acutely aware of that fact. I can only hope and strive to be as well respected.

Good-night! good-night! as we so oft have said
Beneath this roof at midnight, in the days
That are no more, and shall no more return.
Thou hast but taken up thy lamp and gone to bed;
I stay a little longer, as one stays
To cover up the embers that still burn.